The Economist Essential Director


The essentials of corporate governance from A to Z


An revised, updated and re-formatted version of the original Economist Essential (Pocket) Director  (1996, 1998, 1999). Also published in Chinese, Polish, and Russian (prefaced by Mikhail Khadorkovski with a case study on Yukos Oils).



In Corporate Governance – an International Review by Professor Bernard Taylor, Henley Management College (2003)

This is a larger version of the Pocket Director) that appeared in 1996. Bob Tricker is a recognized authority on corporate governance and board leadership. He wrote the first book with the title Corporate Governance, and was of course the founding editor of this journal. Following the failure of companies such as Enron, WorldCom, Marconi and Vivendi, the scandals on Wall Street and on the New York Stock Exchange, governments and regulators moved fast to introduce new laws and regulations, so a new survey on the field is welcome.

This is a most useful reference book for practicing directors, board advisers, academics or students working in corporate governance.  It is written in plain English by a writer who knows the territory. However, governance is a fast-moving field: we await the next edition.

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